What are MCTs and What Benefits do they Offer

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MCTs are hot in the health world right now, with the growth of ketogenic diets, intermittent fasting, and trends like bulletproof coffee, more people have started using MCT oil in their routine. We have got our own take on bulletproof coffee, with our Keto Coffee which includes coconut MCT powder alongside Organic Sumatran coffee, and our primal powerhouse Collagen. So what are actually are MCTs and should you be using them…

MCT stands for ‘medium-chain triglycerides’, triglycerides are a type of molecule composed of glycerol and fatty acids with between 6-12 carbon atoms- the number of which distinguishes MCTs from long chain fatty acids which have more than 12 carbon atoms. MCTs are revered in the health world, because they are metabolised differently from other types of fat, they go straight to the liver to be metabolised, and are immediately transported to cells to be used as an energy source, which makes them an efficient source for energy production, and offers interesting benefits for health and performance.

MCTs are naturally occurring in a few foods including coconut products, butter and cheese. Coconut oil contains medium chain triglycerides, though to get a decent dose of MCTs, you need to use an MCT oil or powder extracted from coconut rather than coconut oil itself. MCTs are saturated fats, but as they are metabolised differently compared to other long or short chain saturated fats, they are generally considered a healthy option to add to the diet.

So are there any benefits to taking medium chain triglycerides? Well due to the fact that MCTs are metabolized quickly and converted to energy, they could potentially have several benefits, some report increased cognitive benefits, energy and optimal weight management. Studies have shown an ability of MCT oil to increase 2 hunger hormones peptide YY and leptin that promote feelings of satiation. There are other studies that have shown MCTs help to optimize the growth of good bacteria and support the gut lining too. So there are several ways in which medium chain triglyceridess can support the body and overall health.

In terms of special diets like ketogenic and other low carbohydrate options, MCT oil can be beneficial, as MCTs can be converted into ketones when broken down, if dietary carbohydrate intake is low. Ketones can be used as a preferred source of fuel by most tissues in the body, even the brain cells. Adding MCT oil- or a Keto coffee- to your diet can help you to stay in a ketogenic state, and these ketones provide beneficial fuel for the body and brain.

MCTs can be a great addition to your diet, to support mood, cognition, ketogenic diets, fat-burning and athletic performance. Try our Keto Coffee for a delicious and satisfying drink, with a healthy dose of coconut MCT powder in every serving.


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