No more Plastic Scoops in our Products…

marine collagen

Those long-time users of our products may have noticed a change over the last few months with newer batches of the product coming without plastic scoops. After receiving many questions and enquiries about the plastic scoops and serving sizes, we thought we should clear things up…

We have decided to remove the plastic scoops from our range, there were issues with different serving sizes for the product range which made using the scoops difficult to measure. We have also decided that given the current crack down on single use plastic, that this is one thing we can definitely cut back on. The plastic scoops that were included with each product would generally get thrown away and replaced with the one in the new product purchased, which seemed like a waste to us.

We are always looking for ways to improve our range and cut back on our waste and footprint, and we are currently exploring ways that we can change our packaging in the future to make it more sustainable. In the meantime, the tubs are staying, and they are great for reusing, so don’t throw them away! You can use our empty tubs for storage, transporting things, or even potting plants. With more places doing unpackaged bulk items, they are quite useful containers to fill up and store in your cupboard. Reusing and up-cycling ensures you don’t have to chuck them away.

Each product advises the amount of servings to use on the packaging label, and the serving size is listed above the nutritional panel by weight and tablespoon size. You may still get a product from older batches in stores that may contain a scoop, but the majority of products available will not have plastic scoops in anymore and hopefully this post will clear up some of the confusion..

Serving Sizes by weight…

Pure Collagen: 7.5g

Marine Collagen: 7.5g

Active: 6g

Primal Goddess: 6g

Osteo: 5g

Digestive: 7g

Cacao Magic: 10.5g

Keto Coffee: 8.5g

Matcha Latte: 9g

Turmeric Latte: 10.4g

Gelatine: 10g

Serving sizes are approx 1 level to heaped Tablespoon

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