Jacob’s Ladder

On a farm situated in the heart of the beautiful countryside in East Sussex, you find will Jacob’s Ladder, an organic family farm with pasture raised cattle and sheep. Michael and Jayne use farming practices that respect the ancient environment and their native Sussex cattle and Romney sheep, breeds said to have been farmed in the area since 1066, are raised traditionally on the permanent pastures within the Ashdown Forest.

Jacob’s Ladder takes responsibility for the whole process – raising, butchering and selling their organic, grass-fed beef and lamb in the knowledge that the health of the soil, the wellbeing of the animals, and the happiness of the people affects the food we eat. To help reconnect people with the food they eat, Jacob’s Ladder are offering courses run monthly for a small group. These classes are a great opportunity to have a day out in the countryside and find out about real food, reconnecting with how food production should be and to learn about sustainable, organic farming with best practice in both animal husbandry (including homeopathy), land-management and the production of good food. They will then share their knowledge of traditional butchering methods and give you the chance to experience this craft for yourself.

Throughout December and January, Planet Paleo will be working with Jacob’s Ladder to share their vision for sustainable farming – When you purchase any tub of collagen from us, you will receive 10% off their courses in husbandry and butchery